Inner Goddess!


Hello Goddess!

Need an easy and fabulous way to get back into YOUR Goddess groove? Wondering HOW to do that and where to start? Do you KNOW that channeling your powerful divine feminine energy is the answer to your prayers and the source of YOUR power – energy, success, manifestation?

I get it… you already know HOW to get the Job done – you just need to move your rass!

You know exactly WHAT to do once you get started… you just NEED to do that thing. And right now, it can feel hard just to get started. You become overwhelmed just thinking of all the things that needs to happen and before you know it, you’ve lost your gusto before you’ve even started.

How do you come back from that!? Ugh… another thing to think about. Are you ready to stop that nasty cycle? That drain of energy from of your mind, body and spirit? We often get hung up on the thought that we need something else to help us and MAKE us do it – that we need another energy, be it a person, a class, a coach, another certification or learning program, and you’re right! We DO NEED another infusion of energy – but not one that requires YOU to do anything more than what you’ve already done!

It’s time to lean into a personal/spiritual practice — one of calm, of rest and replenish, – a practice of preparation via self-soothing and gentleness.


Access Your May Meditations with the Goddess Here!

Instructions:  Play at the start of each morning – and at anytime throughout your day.

How to use this playlist as an interactive healing source for your personal energy management practiceIncorporate the blessing activities each week.

WEEK ONE:  Play softly from bed as you wake in the morning, allow the music to fill your room and wherever you are in your home as your morning or day progresses. This step/process is the welcoming of energy – welcoming the gentle healing process of awakening to your goddess energy. You want to treat her gently – like waking an infant baby and surrounding her with the love and protection of the divine all day long.


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